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Are the Blackhawks for real? Stanley, anybody?

The Hawks are an impressive 14-6-7 on the year and currently are in 4th place in the division, a big difference from this time a year ago.  With the free agent pick ups of Campbell and Huet, the Hawks seem to be off to the start that might win them the Stanley.  Many people in Chicago are saying that the Hawks could do it, but could they really.  Look at Detroit, they pick up Hossa, and I garauntee, if the Penguins won the cup, he would have been the MVP.  He is somebody you would never think could do it until they get on a good team.  The Sharks are just, unbelievable this year.  But this is about the Hawks.  Kane, Sharp, Toews, Versteeg, Havlat, Ladd, Bolland and a few others are proven or are proving that they could become a big scorer like the others.  Khabby and Huet have under a 2.60 GAA (Goals Against Average) and are both pretty big reasons about the good start.  Although I would personally like to see the Hawks to hold Lord Stanley in the United Center, I don't think they will do it.  They will get close, win one or two series in the playoffs, maybe even make it to the finals, but the Hawks just don't seem like the team that could win.  With a big trade, they might be able to get there, but that would only help them this year, not for the years to come.  This team will win the Stanley cup within the next five years, but probably not this year.

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With all of the talk about the Cubs possibly getting Mark Teahen, Jake Peavy, and Randy Johnson I am here to shed some light on the situations.

First, we start with Mark Teahen.  The Cubs have had talks with the KC Royals GM about a trade for Mark Teahen.  Now we know that the Cubs are looking for a big lefty bat after Fukudome's bust of a season.  Fontenot in my opinion with Hoffpauir are the upcoming big name lefties in the MLB.  The Royals want Marshall and Fontenot for Teahen which would be wrong because Marshall isn't exactly the best starting pitcher, but if he were in the bullpen, he could be that long reliever that we need.  Besides, Teahen had a .290 AVG in '06 and has gone down ever since, in '08, he had a .275 AVG, just .018 better than Fukudome who had a .257 AVG. That is not that big of a difference.

Next is Peavy.  The '07 Cy Young winner had a 10-11 record with a 2.85 ERA.  The ERA is good and if you think that the record is less than steller, remember, he plays for the Padres.  He has a carrer 86-62 record with a 3.25 ERA.  If the Cubs landed Peavy, just imagine the starting rotation.  Dempster, Zambrano, Harden, Peavy, and Lilly.  Any team would be afraid to play against that lineup, plus, any team would want our 5th starter to be their 1st starter, that shows depth.  There is only one problem with this scenario, the Cubs don't have what the Padres want, a good young Pitcher.  There is a possible third-team in the Orioles who would trade Pie for Olson and Olson for Peavy.  Felix Pie has the glove of a 10-time Gold Glover but the bat of a Little League towel boy.  Olson has a 6.65 ERA with a 9-10 average, but turned 25 in October.  The Cubs said that they needed to lower their payroll if they wanted to get Peavy.  If they wanted to, they could trade Soriano, Marquis or Lee.  They cost the Cubs just under $40 million a year.  Lee was a good player in his time, but now he is slumping, he hit .317 in '07 but he hit .243 in '08.  That is called a slump.  Soriano has a good bat, a good arm for outfield assists, but can't field a ball if it was placed in his glove.  One player who has a good bat, good arm, and can field is Carlos Quentin who is worth far less than Soriano.  Marquis is just probably the biggest bust in MLB history. 

Randy Johnson is a 45-year old free-agent pitcher and would be a bad I repeat BAD decision for the Cubs.  He is too old and would probably cost a lot of money for a short-term deal worth maybe 1-2 years and he is a fraction of what he used to be.

The Cubs need to get rid of players like Lee, Soriano, Marquis, and Cedeno.  Cedeno has cost Kerry Wood a save with two or three errors in a single 9th inning with 1 out.  He also hits good when we are up by 5 and can't hit his way out of a wet paper bag when it is 3-2 in the 9th, bases loaded, 0 outs, and a 3-0 count, he strikesout on three straight pitches.

Thank you for hearing my rant on what the Cubs should do during the offseason so that they could end a 100-year drought from the promised land.

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